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What is the introduction of spiral air duct machine

source: locfome; Time: 11/08/2018

The spiral air duct machine is mainly used for making round spiral air duct. The machine can automatically complete round spiral tube with different diameters and different lengths based on customers demand. LOCFOME adopts the principle of using duct mold to form the spiral duct. Spiral duct machine is easy to operate and fast to form a duct with an accurate diameter.


The spiral duct forming machine needs to be used with round elbow machine, angle steel round rolling machine and etc, to complete the other work steps needed in spiral duct processing, LOCFOME produces spiral duct forming machine and round elbow machine, angle steel round rolling machine and other equipment with high quality, also ensure that the pipe size processed out of precise appearance beautiful. So it can effectively help customers greatly improve the competitiveness of their products, Spiral, and round duct machine has always been the most important equipment for round spiral duct. In order to make our products more competitive, we have optimized the structure of the machine for many times, which greatly improved our machine in speed and molding effect and it has won unanimous praise from customers all over the world.

The Features of Spiral Duct Forming Machine:

  1. Spiral duct forming machine: Adopting duct mold structure, this machine is faster with more coincident diameter than traditional steel strip type spiral duct making the machine. The length of duct cutting can be controlled according to your own requirement with perfect cutting effect. Cutting method is non-noise cold shearing.
  2. Elbow making machine: The shrimp elbow machine adopts vertical working table with the switch of single side and bilateral sides. Advantages of this machine are the easy operation and perfect effect. Our company can provide two controlling types of electric and hydraulic types for customers.
  3. Angle steel rolling machine: This machine can roll angle steel and flat steel according to the fixed size to meet the production of round duct flange sides.

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How long is the lead time?

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