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TDF Folding Machine

TDF Hand folder as one kind of air condition machines serves to provide bending capabilities for different size of square duct. This kind of hand folding machine is suitable for small to medium volume workshops with special design of folding blade

This bending machine is truly a universal hand brake, which allows for the movement of both upper and lower segments of fingers. Complex parts, such as, traverse duct and down flanged parts as well as sheet metal and single applications, can easily be formed by using this machine. Its locking system has two different types: Cam Lock and Gear Lock.

Locfome as one of the professional plate bending machine manufacturers, its TDF hand folding machine is built with the same high-quality features and standards that brake are recognized for throughout the industry. Please consult for specific forming question or applications.

Hand folding machine is usually used to fold 1.5 mm thick sheet metal to finish HVAC air duct sheet plate three folds. The machine can bend TDF flange sheet metal and flat sheet. The machine is controlled by the handle. There is a pendulum to keep balance when bending sheet metal.

Manual sheet metal bending machine is an essential part of square HVAC duct making machines series. The workshop can use it with other square duct machines to finish a whole duct making, such as: lock former pittsburgh machine, tdf flange machine, vertical square duct seam closer, grooving machine, punching machine (Our duct auto-line can replace these series small machine for the big volume workshops).


Basic Information


This TDF folding machine has 5 features:

1. The structure of the folding machine is simple and easy for operation.

2. It can be used to processed different size workpieces, and the machine can produce one of four sides and one bottom.

3.Its locking system has two different types: Cam Lock and Gear Lock.

4. It is light, easy for moving. also, it is typical of energy- saving, high efficiency.

5. The machine is one of the essential machines of the lines for duct forming line. This is the credit of our company's designers. 






Material thickness

1,5 mm

1,5 mm

1,5 mm

Material Width

1300 mm

2000 mm

2500 mm

Min. folding size

200X200 MM

200X200 MM

200X200 MM


1850X710X1400 MM

2600X710X1400 MM

3100X840X1520 MM


415 kg

605 kg

800 kg


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TDF flange machine is integrated. With high speed, convenient operation and low air leakage ratio, it enjoys high population among customers. It saves material and labor cost, no welding is required.