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Roller Bending Machine

Roller Bending Machine is extensively used for bending pipes in various industries. It is user friendly and do not require professional expertise. It is small working space, light weight and easy to operate, and easy to move.
Our range is acknowledged for features like robust and heavy construction and can withstand all working conditions.

The 3 roller plate bending Rolls and Slip Roll machine is popular in the metal sheet processing industry, rolling sheet metal and plate into semi-circles, cylinder shapes or cones. The up and down parts of three roller bending machine utilizes a machine construction. The upper roller can be moved up and down by the motor to discharge the working piece. Our 3 roll benders work by pinching the metal between two rolls and bending it as it comes in contact with a back forming roll. This curves the metal work piece into a cylindrical form.

This 3 roller bending machine is suitable to roll the plate into consider shape then can be made into the pipe for ventilation, sewerage chimney, exclude air and adorn, especially for building, environment attires.

Its asymmetrical construction makes it a simple and cheap rolling machine for thin metal sheets without any particular requirements. This 3 roll plate bending machine is generally for the small metal sheet workshops or locksmith shops. 

Basic Information


> Cast iron construction on high-rigidity frame

> Self-lubricating bearings

> Prebending roll adjustment by hand wheel with position indicator

> Upper and pinch roll rotation by electromechanical geared motor with brake

> Roll rotation controlled by double safety foot pedal

> Upper roll can be retracted to the side 






Max. thickness

2 mm

1,5 mm

1,2 mm

Dia. of roller

72 mm

72 mm

72 mm

Power supply

1.5 kw

1.5 kw

1.5 kw


1540X550X1170 mm

1180X550X1170 mm

2050X550X1170 mm


220 kg

255 kg

280 kg


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