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Products of Round Duct Machine, Metal Working Machine, Air Diffuser & Square Duct Machine

Locfome's household of products, HVAC duct machine– Round Duct Machine, Metal Working Machine, Air Diffuser & Square Duct Machine compose a complete system, success to make the most fully shaped straight duct and fittings.
Our modern duct forming machines and equipment fabricate the seams, joints and joint connectors for rectangular ductwork with high quality. The air duct manufacture machines are specially designed for the fabrication of air conditional duct such as spiral duct machine and rectangular duct machine.
Metal working machine is for the metal processing, to create individual parts, assemblies, or large-scale structures. This term covers a wide range of work from large ships and bridges to precise engine parts and delicate jewelry. But here for our factory, it mainly means for our cutting processes, joining processes and forming processes. We would have a detailed introduction about these processes in our each machine description.
In an industry where every manufacturer is a self-proclaimed leader, Locfome has always been at the forefront of ducting machine design and manufacture.
All of the machines in our range are subject to continuous development. This ensures the Locfome remains the standard that others strive to follow.
How long is the lead time?

TDF flange machine is integrated. With high speed, convenient operation and low air leakage ratio, it enjoys high population among customers. It saves material and labor cost, no welding is required.