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What is the procedure for LOCFOME duct auto line V?

source: locfome; Time: 09/06/2018

LOCFOME Duct auto line V

LOCFOME duct auto line V is mainly used for the production of the rectangular duct, from a coil to duct, automated production with advanced technology and high production efficiency. The whole production line is composed of the feeding frame, leveling device, cutting device, lockformer machine, manipulator, feeding platform, dual TDF, servo feeding platform. This production line has the characteristics of simple operation, stable performance, accurately control the size and so on.

Each part of the duct auto line V


1.Four de-coiler:

Four De-coiler

The material rack can be placed in two volumes of materials, a single volume can be carried 6T.45# steel pipe, the material is processed by quenching and tempering treatment, with sufficient strength and rigidity. A square tube and welded steel frame, and then through aging treatment, thus ensuring the stability of the use of the process. The rack is equipped with a 1.5Kw motor, the worm gear driving device, a control circuit, realizes the automatic control of feeding, discharging and move the feed function on the sheet surface plays a very good protective effect, avoids feeding machine damage material edge phenomenon. User refueling as long as the feeding shaft hanging down from the whole discharge rack, into the roll material to be used in the inner core, is placed, the coil has the advantages of simple operation, ease of refueling. Put rack feeder for multi roll production occasions, convenient conveying materials.


2.Leveling and grooving:

The front is a pair of feeding rollers feed in without slipping, and ensure that the outer surface will not damage the sheet; five leveling rollers; a pair of grooving roller, reinforcement spacing is 6 * 230mm. A pair of roller shaft work location, all outer circle surfaces by the hard chrome plating, which is durable and ensures the outer surface of the sheet will not damage. Adjustment of the adjustment of the roller on the roller is common to both ends of the worm gear and worm drive, in the regulatory process to ensure the synchronization of the two ends of the roller, to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of running material.




Hydraulic cutter, by two 63mm diameters; cylinder 65mm stroke cylinder, in order to ensure the synchronization of the cut at both ends of the two cylinder moves, using a synchronous shaft through a gear rack drive. Upper and lower scissors using high quality alloy tool steel Cr12MoV, through strict heat treatment and finishing, the edge of the blade sharp, durable, cut out of the work piece with high precision and no burr, no burr phenomenon.


4.Lock former: Seam cleat

lock former

The whole machine is controlled by the cylinder without piston rod to move, and realize the sheet metal forming process. Cold rolling forming roller adopts GCr15 material, with strict heat treatment and finishing.


5.Conveying roller:

conveying roller

The surface of the conveying roller is galvanized, and the two sides are provided with a retaining device to locate and prevent the running material. The motor adopts the frequency converter to adjust the feed line speed, and the sheet metal is sent to the flange forming device stably and reliably.


6.Dual TDF:

Dual TDF

On both sides of the use of a separate motor control, the use of linear guide rail precision movement, can be adapted to the different width of the plate material on the cold. Two conveyor belts are used in the center to adapt to the cold rolling speed.

1) common plate flange: cold rolling die by the 14 sets of symmetrical two sets of the roll. The roller is made of high quality alloy steel, which is processed by heat treatment and numerical control lathe, the hardness of the roller can reach 58~62HRC, and the width of the forming can be adjusted.
2) hook bone (CS bone) flange: cold rolling die by the 8 sets of symmetrical two sets of rolls. The roller is made of high quality alloy steel, which is processed by heat treatment and numerical control lathe, the hardness of the roller can reach 58~62HRC, and the width of the forming can be adjusted.


7.Servo feeding platform:

Servo feeding platform

By the fixed frame, belt drive system and servo system. The servo system by axis high precision linear slide type, servo motors. The sheet on the flange forming device for forming flange after entering the servo feeding platform, then the manipulator device stopped first set up a good position in (to the position according to the production of wind pipe diameter size), sheet by the conveyor belt to the rear folding machine, when the sheet feeding manipulator by servo after the proximity switch, an induction signal to the control system, the manipulator rise in promoting by the lifting cylinder and the servo motor start fast forward to catch the sheet, when the contact switch on the manipulator with the sheet back side, mechanical manual clamp plate according to the design parameters of step forward feeding.


8.Electrical, Hydraulic system

1) Hydraulic system and numerical control to complete the automatic and full range of hydraulic function. The main components of the system using foreign famous hydraulic components to ensure the stability of the machine

2) The electrical control system of central processor uses the programmable controller, the driving device adopts intelligent digital AC servo system, man-machine interface for high resolution color touch screen, the system interface is provided with 10 order management, all rooms equipped with a complete, independent function can keep counting, convenient for the operator to check work records on.

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