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Plasma Duct Cutting Machine

To meet the market’s need, LOCFOME company assimilates the new world techniques to develop the Plasma Cutting Machine.

It is especially suitable for duct blanking. Its work efficiency is dozens of times higher than ordinary technology. With its high quality and high processing precision, it becomes ideal equipment for sheet metal cutting.

The Plasma Cutter is of two types: PCM-3100 and PCM-5100. Plasma duct cutting machine for HVAC duct fabrication especially. It is capable of cutting galvanized steel, mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Both machines consist of a main operation system and a special software system. The control system uses an industrial computer. The cutting software is of two types: universal sheet cutting control software CAM-DUCT or SMART CUT and specific duct former software LANTEK or PM2000.  All special design duct are available in the software and produced easily by setting the dimension of duct.

This type CNC plasma cutting machine is special designed for HVAC Ducting or sheet metal process industry.  It takes the advantages of both working in house and out site, and strictly meets the requirement of our customers.


Basic Information


Main Machine Control System:

Main body: The frame is of welded steel construction, with a vibration coil to reduce internal stress, thus the frame is of good quality, stable and not easy to distort.

Driving and transporting system:

The drive part employs planetary speed reducer, gear and spline; the guide part employs a pair of double-axis linear guide with high positioning precision, little running resistance and flexible sliding which enables it to work stably and cut with high quality; 

It adopts digital communicating servo system of world famous brand. The electrical engineer uses high magnetism and lanthanum materials, magneto conductivity and cooling capability are good.

Utilizing a stable gas valve for sheet discharging and gun floating to make the movement more stable and reliable.

Plasma Cutting Software:

Software for the plasma cutting machine can be optional, normally we have two software for client choice, Lantek ( Spain) software and software of PM2000(UK).

Plasma generator on this machine is from HYPERTHERM (USA). It performances steady and ensures the cutting quality.








Working area

3100X1300 mm

5100X1530 mm

Traverse bar speed

0~40 m/min

Plasma Source

Chinese Brand (standard)

Hypertherm PowerMax 65 (optional)

Duct design software

PM2008 (standard)

LANTEK (optional)

Material thickness

0~6 mm

Cutting accuracy

±0.1 mm

Positioning precision

±0.1 mm


3500X1900X1500 mm

5500X2050X1500 mm


800 kg

1000 kg



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