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What Is Plasma Cutting Machine And Elbow Making Machine

source: locfome; Time: 12/26/2019

Plasma cutting machine & elbow making machine are used for making the fittings in duct industry such as spiral pipe elbows, rectangular duct elbow with square throat 90 degrees, reducers. etc.

What is duct elbow? And how important the elbow is?

Duct Elbows are an excellent choice for paper trim and oil mist applications, because they have no seam. Instead, these galvanized or stainless steel elbows are mechanically bent, resulting in a non-seamed tubing that can be fitted with a rolled-lipped collar or an angle ring flange.

To satisfy the requirements of either standard, products must pass a demanding air erosion test in a 90-degree elbow configuration without turning vanes. The elbow creates a tremendous amount of turbulence, which severely challenges the ability of duct board and duct liner to resist erosion. A filter is placed at the exit of the duct section to collect any debris


Usually the process is as follows:

1, Use the ducting software & CNC plasma duct cutting machine to cut the sheet in required shape, this plasma duct cutting machine is economy design and easy operation. The operator needs to learn how to run the machine as well as the software.

2, The second step is use the three roller machine to make it round.

3, Use welding machine to weld the

4, Use the elbow machine to make the elbow.


How long is the lead time?

TDF flange machine is integrated. With high speed, convenient operation and low air leakage ratio, it enjoys high population among customers. It saves material and labor cost, no welding is required.