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Mechanism Of Air Condition Machine

source: locfome; Time: 12/23/2019

Air condition machine is an air conditioner with heating, ventilation and air conditioning functions. Because the main functions of HVAC include heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, the abbreviation HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) is abbreviated as the comprehensive abbreviation of these three functions, namely HVAC. Air condition machine is a central air conditioner for each household. The biggest feature of the central air conditioner is that it can create a comfortable indoor environment.
The general split air conditioner in the home can only solve the problem of heating and cooling, but not the air treatment process. It's different with the air condition machine. The HVAC system can control the temperature and humidity of the air and improve indoor comfort. It is an important part of medium and large industrial buildings or office buildings (such as skyscrapers).


The mechanism of the air condition machine generally includes ducting process, which brings in or out the air, contributing to the air circulation, and the air treatment process. The air treatment process has the following steps. First, after the air comes in, in addition to the introduction of fresh air, the air can be cooled and then filtered. After filtering, several major features are added. For example, an electronic dust collector is added. It can mainly capture very small particles of dust. Generally speaking, it can capture one micron of dust, and most of the dust in the range is bacteria, viruses, soot, or odors. Another equipment is humidifier, which can create a relative humidity of about 40% in our room, so people will feel very comfortable.

The overall design of the building includes many sub-items, which are generally as follows: architectural design, structural design, basic design, electric power (strong and weak power) design, water supply and drainage design, HVAC design, supporting garden greening landscape design, and so on.
Air condition machine, referred to as the "air conditioning system", general "air-conditioning system" includes the comprehensive design of cooling and heating systems, fresh air systems, and exhaust (fume exhaust) systems so "HVAC" is functionally an integral part of the building. From the perspective of architectural design, it is a sub-item of architectural design instead of just "air conditioning".

It should be noted that "air-conditioning" in a building may be a "central air-conditioning system", it may be a "hybrid system of central air-conditioning and independent air-conditioning", or it may all be "independent air-conditioning system", depending on the function of the building and the intentions and actual needs of investors.
Ducted air condition machine, commonly known as a ducted machine, is connected to a duct to supply air to the room and a small all-air system. The air conditioner is connected to the duct to supply air to the room. The so-called high static pressure duct machine is a duct type air conditioner. The larger the static pressure, the longer the supply head. Because ducted air condition machine need to pass through the duct, the loss of wind pressure will increase during the air supply process. If high static pressure fans are not used, the wind sent to the room could be very insufficient.

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