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Slip-On flange, called T-35, used in bigger duct size and thickness. The features are:


This Flange is added to the duct part and fixed by means of pop Rivets.
It can also be used in wide range of thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 1.0 mm and G.I. Grades from 120 to 375 gsm.
The contour of T-35 ensures a perfect match with the TDF connector.



1.Material – Galvanized Plated Sheet - Lock Forming Quality. Galvanizing Coating – 120 GSM
2.Dimensions – 35mm X 35 mm
3.Sealant – Solvent Based – Non Toxic
4.Length - Maximum 3.0 Meters. And Thickness – 0.5mm to 1.0mm
5.Gasket requirement – Foam gasket – 20 mm x 4mm.

Always cut Slip On Flange 28 mm shorter than the duct dimension.


Insert Slip On Corner Piece as shown. service-23

Two short sides with Corner Pieces inserted.service-22

Completing the frame.service-08

Start completed Slip On frame at corner of duct section. service-07

The duct section must be seated into the Slip On Flange so that the leading edge of the duct section penetrates the integral mastic sealer. The corners of the duct section will then project above the Slip On corners. service-21

Use a mallet to locate the duct section. Establish metal to metal contact along the full length of the flange. Temporarily secure the frame in position while applying permanent fasteners . service-20

It is recommended that the Slip On Flange is fastened to the duct section within 20mm of the end of the Slip On Flange.  service-19

Work in one direction around duct locating the frame. 

Assembly Technique

Clean the Flange Surfaceservice-17

Apply Sealant @ Corners On all the Corners service-16

Apply Gasket uniformly, covering corners.service-15

Joint Should be butt and should not be on the cornersservice-14

Box Ready for Joiningservice-13

Tight All four sides of Nut & Boltsservice-12

Insert smaller leaf with in flange. service-11

Slide On the Longer leaf with Clip Tool .service-10

Slip - On - T-35 ~ Duct Connector
Sr Item Description Physical Properties Features
1 Slip-On Connector Four Strand Of Flange with Beading Roll Forming
a Material Thickness 26G / 24G / 22G/ 20G Add On Type
b Strand Height 35mm 10mm formation for corner fittting
2 Slip-On Corner Formed with GI 1.2mm 35mm with contoures to match with flange surface.
3 Carriage Bolt M10 X 25mm GI Plated with Square Neck.
4 CLIP 1.0mm x 150mm Slip on type for intermediate grip of joints.
6 Sealant Cartridge 190ml Cartridge Water based solvent for corner gaps.
7 Self Adhesive Gasket 4mm x 20mm Poly Ethelene Foam- Non Toxic
8 Pop Rivett 5/32 X 3/8 ( 4mm X 10mm) Aluminum Extruded


How long is the lead time?

TDF flange machine is integrated. With high speed, convenient operation and low air leakage ratio, it enjoys high population among customers. It saves material and labor cost, no welding is required.