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Details Of Slip & Drive Cleats “C & S”

C CleatS                                                                 Cleat

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C- Cleat

1. This is used on smaller side of the duct.
2. Its length is 50mm larger as compared the duct side.
3. This additional 50mm( means 25mm on each side is overlapped on S- Cleat)
4. The cleat is slide on the bent edges of two ducts.


S- Cleat . 1. This is used on larger side of the duct.
2. Its length is 8 mm smaller as compared the duct side.
3. The edges of S Cleats are overlapped by C- Cleat.
4. The cleat has two pockets to accommodate the edges of the duct.

Assembly of Ducts with Cleats

1. The Straight edges of (larger side) ducts are inserted in parallel pockets of S- cleats.
2. The process is repeated for the other larger side of the ducts..
3. Opened Mouth of the C-Cleat is inserted over the bent edges of ( Smaller Side ) of ducts.
4. The Sides of C- Cleats is overlapped on S – Cleat at all the 4 corners.

How long is the lead time?

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