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Information You Need to Know About Pittsburgh Lock Former

source: locfome; Time: 11/21/2018

Lock former/Pittsburgh machine/Pittsburgh roll former, mainly used for nipping the plate to facilitate the joint of plate, is among the most basic equipment’s for modern duct forming line. All gears, axles and rollers equipped in the machine are made from high quality steel to ensure their stability and durability. Different kinds of models are available for dealing with plate sheet in various thicknesses from 0.5mm to 1.5mm.It is easy and convenient for operation or transport due to optimized sizes.


Lock former Pittsburgh machine features a more comprehensive, mainly for the connection of the plate and the circular duct closed the connection seams processing. Duct needs to meet the variety of different shapes of bone. The processing plate thickness is 0.4-1.5mm. All the gears, shafts and rollers of the machine are made of high quality steel. After strict heat treatment process, the machines are durable and stable in quality. They are easy to install, attractive in appearance, reasonable in mechanics, flexible in movement and convenient in operation. Biting machine for ventilation, air conditioning, cleaning and other devices duct production, according to requirements, can be made into a variety of square duct machine. It is a variety of sheet metal processing, duct production and other indispensable mechanized equipment. Biting mouth machine is divided into multi-function bite mouth machine, joint corner bite mouth machine, bite mouth machine, flat bite mouth machine, and elbow bite mouth machine.

Pittsburgh lock former bite plate thickness should be within the provisions of a variety of product specifications. If it is less than the minimum thickness, the seizure is prone to have cracking, wrinkling and other defects. If greater than the maximum thickness, due to the thickness of the sheet is proportional to the square, bending force will be significantly increased, causing abnormal forming roller damage, transmission overload and stuffy cars and other failures.

How long is the lead time?

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