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LOFOME manufacture and Specializing in guillotine machine cutter,hvac duct machine,duct cutting machine,roll forming machine... Shop our largest selection of guillotine machine cutter.

  • Rotary Machine

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    Power Rotary Machine is mainly used to produce beading and combine it on the round duct. It is suitable producing different shaped work pieces by changing special rollers.

  • Roll Bending Machine

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    Roll bending machine widely used in guillotine machine cutterpetroleum, chemical industry, cement, boiler, shipbuilding, aviation, water conservancy, power transmission towers and other machinery and equipment.

  • Plasma Cutting Machine

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    Plasma cutting machine for guillotine machine cutter especially,  consist of operation system and special duct design software.

How long is the lead time?

TDF flange machine is integrated. With high speed, convenient operation and low air leakage ratio, it enjoys high population among customers. It saves material and labor cost, no welding is required.