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Foot Power Shear

A good foot power shearer is also an integral part of any sheet metal shop; especially while it work as one of the air condition machines. Sheet metal must be cut to size constantly, and a foot shearer or power-squaring shearer can save a lot of time. A foot shear is mechanically powered, while a power shear is electrically powered (such as our motor-driven shearer). Both shears are constructed of simple components and their purpose is the same: to make long, straight, precise cuts.

Like sheet metal brakes, shearing machines come in many sizes with various cutting capacities. A foot shear is fine for cutting mild steel up to 1/16-inch (about 1.6mm) thick. For metal thicker than that, you’ll probably need a power shear.

The 52-inch (about 1300mm) shear is good length to start with. Many people are talked into a 36-inch shear and are disappointed.

Using foot shearer is as easy as making a straight line where you want the cut, lining it up in the blade, and operating the foot pedal. It is easy, therefore, to get a bit lax when using them because “there’s nothing to it.”

There are a few “don’ts” when working with large shearers.

First, don’t cut metal thicker than the capacity of shearer. Cutting metal beyond the capacity of the shearer will quickly damage a relatively expensive piece of equipment. The capacity of each shearer is clearly marked on the machine. Read it and follow it.

Second, always make sure the sheet metal is clean before you cut it. Any dirt, grit or weld slag will dull or damage the cutting blades of the shearing machine, as will cutting across a weld, or cutting a hard rod or steel wire. A dull or damaged blade is not accurate. Blades can be removed and re-sharpened, however, at a cost that is well worth it. Just be sure to have them professionally done. Sharp, oiled and well-cared for blades will ensure accurate, clean cuts that will save hours deburring or filing.


Basic Information


Foot Power Shearing Machine


The Manual shear is with both front and back gauge

With heavier weight, good stability

High carbon and chrome steel blade

A fully casting structure, not easy deformation

Used for mild steel aluminum copper, brass zinc plastic and leads

It features convenient operation and high efficiency.


1. Use for mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plastic and leads

2. High carbon high、chrome steel blade

3. Foot control, easy operated.



 Q11-1 x2000

 Q11-1 x 1600

 Q11-1.2 x 1300

 Max. cutting material

Mild steel 




 0.5 ~1.2


Stainless steel 





 Cutting length





 Cutting angle


 1° 30'

  1° 30'

  1° 30'


























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