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Duct Seam Closer

Duct seam closer is used with duct auto line, TDF transverse flange duct machine or TDC transverse flange duct machine and Pittsburgh lock machine, for the square duct closing. The ideal duct seaming includes united joint and right-angle side. Our hydraulic seam lock machine HFJ-12 (also calls duct zipper) works out with the seam of high quality without help of other auxiliary connecting

The frame of LOCFOME’s duct zipper adopts full steel welding structure with enough hardness and rigidity. It has been heated processing and highly frequently vibrated. Floor boring-milling machine is adopted for guaranteeing its precision. It works with low noise. The finished seam is close, even and effective.  It can process plates with different thickness, and this machine’s control system is the MITSUBISHI PLC, which assure the machine with long-time stable working ability.

Vertical duct seam closer is what we highly recommend. Pittsburgh joint is commonly used to join the seams of air ducts. Seam closing has traditionally been accomplished by manually hammering the margin of the seam against the duct wall. This operation would waste a lot of time and would make the intolerable noise, and the finished seam is not so even.

Basic Information


LOCFOME’s duct seam closer HFJ-12 or Hydraulic Vertical Duct Zipper is especially for the square duct edging connections. The machine is designed to close the duct automatically in order to save labor and improve efficiency. It's very fast, accurate and highly automatic.

The seam forming assembly includes a pair of roller members mounted in vertical arrangement to each other, one roller member being V-shaped in configuration and the other roller member being substantially cylindrical in shape.





Material thickness

0,6~1,2 mm

Working length

1000~1500 mm

Supply power

4 kw


1205X1970X2290 mm


800 kg



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