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DN Spot Welding Machine

The process of spot welding is joining of the two surfaces with the heat production from resistance to electric current. In this process, two metal surfaces are placed together under the pressure of copper alloyed electrodes. The electric current is passed through these electrodes and the heat is produced due to resistance. This heat production due to resistance melts the spot area thus joining of the two surfaces with spot without heating the remaining surface of metal

Best spot welding machine price with the latest technology and spares are the key feature of LOCFOME machinery. We are leading in resistance welding machine especially spot welding machine manufacturers in China

This welding set of spot welder is especially needed in all forms of automobile industry where it is used universally to weld sheet in making car while in automobile industry the robotic spot welder is used even. The portable spot welding is also used in orthodontics clinic for resizing of a molar band. The other application of the spot welder is to strap nickel- cadmium or nickel metal hydride to make batteries. The spot welding is used for metal sheet and wire mesh, aluminum metals, sheet, buckets, utensils etc.

Basic Information


DN series spot welder has the structure of footplate and spring pressurize.

It has the advantage of easy operation and maintenance.

It is suitable to weld complex structure plate and work piece in different position.

The current and welding time can be adjusted.

There is no load comsumption.

It is widely used in welding low carbon, steel plate, wire, stainless steel, non-furrous metal, thin sheet and other materials.






Rated input voltage

380 V

380 V

380 V

No-load voltage

1,6-3,2 V

1,76-3,52 V

2,1-4,2 V

Rated power

16 KVA

25 KVA

40 KVA

Rated duty




Throat depth

250(400) mm

250(500) mm

250(500) mm

Insulation class




Welding thickness of low carbon steel

0,5+0,5~3+3 mm

0,6+0,6~4+4 mm

0,8+0,8~4,5+4,5 mm

Max.welding diameter of low carbon steel bar

7+7 mm

8+8 mm

10+10 mm


840X450X1180 mm

880X480X1280 mm

880X480X1280 mm


105 kg

138 kg

175 kg


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