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Description of 3 Different Types of Duct Making Machine

source: locfome; Time: 10/19/2018

LOCFOME manufacture a complete line of HVAC duct machines and accessories. Millions of people are enjoying the fresh air from the air condition duct made by our products. We've believed that innovation is our greatest asset. We are able to solve our customers’ problems and meet what they need better than the other competition because everything we've learned has led us to keep working harder and harder. Description of 3 different types of air duct making machine will be introduced in the following passage.


The first type of duct making machine is rectangular duct making machine. As essential equipment during duct processing, square duct machine includes many machines which can finish all process. All machines can be used freely with other needed machines. This is a very economical choice for making HVAC duct. Meanwhile, LOCFOME can provide a complete solution of rectangular air duct making machines and we can also customize machines in accordance with customers’ needs.

The second type of duct making machine is round duct processing machine. Round duct machine consists of four types, including electric rolling machine, round duct lock forming machine, round duct lock seaming machine and round duct grooving machine. All these machines can make a complete round air duct. The round duct processing machine made by LOCFOME is very suitable for making small round duct and nonstandard round duct with economic and efficient advantages.

The third type of duct making machine is the spiral air duct forming machine. The spiral air duct forming machine is mainly used for making round spiral air duct. The machine can automatically complete round spiral tube with different diameters and different lengths based on customers demand. LOCFOME adopts the principle of using duct mold to form the spiral duct. Spiral duct machine is easy to operate and fast to form a duct with an accurate diameter.

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