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Press Brake Manufacturer

As one of China's large-scaled metal working machinery manufacturers, LOCFOME specializes in co-operative manufacturing ventilation duct machine, duct auto line machine, roll forming machine, TDF flange machine, vertical square duct seam closer or duct zipper, lock former Pittsburgh machine, spot welding machine, spiral duct machine, elbow making machine, plate bending machine and the other metal fabrication machines.

LOCFOME can offer you the whole set of equipment and tools for manufacturing the square duct and round duct, from the duct forming to the installation. Its end-to-end process is a revolution in pipe forming and manufacturing. Our machines meet the absolute best tolerances for precision, efficiency, and pace so that you can supply the exceptional ductwork options.

In our following Technology Showrooms, you can see more machines under power than anywhere else. Our unmatched reputation for service before, during and especially after the sale is the reason why more companies choose LOCFOME roll forming machine manufacturers than any other sheet metal equipment manufacturers. Not only to the duct making machines we mentioned before, but also to the press brake, hydraulic swing beam shearer, our products have won the great confidence from customers all over the international market. We have worked successfully with thousands of duct shops and continue to innovate and develop our product line.

We hope you enjoy your stay here in our home on the web. We urge you to browse through our pages and check out our product lines.

Not all Manufacturing projects are created equal. What distinguishes LOCFOME from a typical metal working machinery supplier is the total integration of its solutions into your OEM supply chain. Whether your metal fabricated project involves particular materials, high Estimated Annual Usage (EAU), specs and certifications, tight tolerances, over-sized capacity requirements - or all of the above and more - the team at LOCFOME is here to take on your most challenging part and assembly designs.

As technology advanced, LOCFOME was added into the mix to increase quality, productivity and to provide value for our customers, resulting in higher profits. We continue to respond to emerging markets and technologies and make sure our customers have everything they need to compete in their markets and win. Our clients are running varies of duct shops to produce HVAC systems, they are air dispersion systems well suitable for many applications. They are a total heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration company. HVAC ducts have been installed in schools, offices, restaurants, pools, retail stores, warehouses and health clubs. Commercial HVAC ducts are also installed in critical environment settings such as laboratories, commercial kitchens and food processing facilities. Open ceiling, flush mount and under floor solutions are available.

LOCFOME is well known as the expert of the roll forming machine manufacturer and ACL duct machine supplier. In the past ten years, LOCFOME got a huge success from participating in all kinds of industrial and commercial construction project: heating ventilation, air conditioning.
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TDF flange machine is integrated. With high speed, convenient operation and low air leakage ratio, it enjoys high population among customers. It saves material and labor cost, no welding is required.