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Semi Duct Manufacture Line

HVAC Duct manufacture auto line III is a high performance equipment with modern design and sophisticated automation system. It is designed for small to medium volume workshops and is used to work with the coiled metal with weighting up to 6 tons, maximum coil width 1250mm or 1530mm, thickness up to 1,2 mm galvanized steel and minimal duct size 180x180 mm .
LOCFOME’s semi-auto duct production line III can drive blanking for the duct. Meanwhile, it’s very suitable for multi-production line TDF/angle steel/ inserted flange forming; the angle steel flange and inserted can be bent into square-shaped pipe automatically. One operator is enough to manage the production process. The quantity and the detail parameters of the required ducts are inserted directly through the Touch Screen of the controller with a convenient and easy to manage interface. And its special modular design allows auto-line III upgrade to auto-line V, which can reduce our clients cost and minimize the change for imperfections that can affect operational effectiveness and ease of installation.
Our Auto-line III provides standardization and improvement of the duct manufacturing process, helping our customers save material and labor costs. We have developed strong customer ties by actively seeking client feedback to improve our service and strengthen client relationships. This approach has allowed us to cultivate strong customer bonds.

Basic Information


Duct auto-line III is used for large-scale production, it transforms the raw material into a semi-finished product through four main stages – Uncoiling, Leveling & Grooving, Shearing and Folding. The final result is a product with excellent finish, precision, rigidity and stability




Material thickness

0,5 - 1,2 mm

Max.coil width

1250 mm

1530 mm

Max. coil weight

6000 kg

Max.duct size

2500х2500 mm

Min.duct size

180х180 mm

Working speed

15 m/min

Power supply

4,0 kw


10X1,8X1,6 m

10X2,1X1,6 m


4000 kg

5000 kg


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