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  • Rotary Machine

    Rotary MachineMore >

    Power Rotary Machine is mainly used to produce beading and combine it on the round duct. It is suitable producing different shaped work pieces by changing special rollers.

  • Hydraulic Duct Lock Forming Elbow Machine

    Hydraulic Duct Lock Forming Elbow MachineMore >

    LOFOME having the distinguished features of high quality and excellent performance, theHydraulic Duct Lock Forming Elbow Machine supplies we exported are welcomed by oversea’ markets.

  • Ventilation Semi Duct Manufacture Line Machine

    Ventilation Semi Duct Manufacture Line MachineMore >

    Our company supplies a full line of Semi Duct Manufacture Line  both in modern and classic styles, with various material to choose, ventilation duct machine is designed for small to medium volume workshops

  • Mechanical  Ventilation Duct Elbow Machine

    Mechanical Ventilation Duct Elbow MachineMore >

    Duct elbow machine is professional for making round duct elbow.It can greatly increase the production efficiency.LOFOME manufactures and distributes a complete line of ventilation duct machine.

  • Automatic Duct Manufacture Line cut to length line machine

    Automatic Duct Manufacture Line cut to length line machineMore >

    Automatic Duct Manufacture Line combines a feeding metal frame, leveler grooving roll, hydraulic machine, It is efficient, saves work area by inline positioning of machines.

  • Cut to length line DN Spot Welding Machine

    Cut to length line DN Spot Welding MachineMore >

    our company is a manufacturer of production, development and marketing of DN Spot Welding Machine. our products has the advantage of easy operation and maintenance.

  • Tube Former 1500

    Tube Former 1500More >

    Tube former 1500 is professional for making straight acl duct machine. It can greatly increase the production efficiency.

  • TDF Folding Machine

    TDF Folding MachineMore >

    TDF hand folder is suitable for small to medium volume workshops with special design of folding blade can bend different size of acl duct.

  • Roller Bending Machine

    Roller Bending MachineMore >

    Roller Bending Machine is extensively used for bending pipes acl duct  in various industries. It is user friendly and do not require professional expertise.

  • Roll Bending Machine

    Roll Bending MachineMore >

    Roll bending machine widely used in guillotine machine cutterpetroleum, chemical industry, cement, boiler, shipbuilding, aviation, water conservancy, power transmission towers and other machinery and equipment.

  • Plasma Cutting Machine

    Plasma Cutting MachineMore >

    Plasma cutting machine for guillotine machine cutter especially,  consist of operation system and special duct design software.

  • Duct Grooving&Beading Machine

    Duct Grooving&Beading MachineMore >

    Our company is China's top cut to length line machine supplier, which can supply types of Duct Grooving&Beading Machine,slitting line machine,duct cutting machine,hvac duct manufacturing machines and so on.


  • Duct Seam Closer

    Duct Seam CloserMore >

    Duct seam closer HFJ-12 is used with ventilation duct machine,duct auto line, tdf transverse flange duct machine or tdc transverse flange duct machine and pittsburgh lock machine. 

  • Pittsburgh Lock Former

    Pittsburgh Lock FormerMore >

    LOFOME manufacture a complete line of duct lock forming machine,the most hot sale products are Pittsburgh Lock Former,our with stations is a multi-functional machine for varying uses in the HVAC ducting industry.

  • TDC Flange Machine

    TDC Flange MachineMore >

    TDC Flange Machine, is specially designed for roll forming TDC flanges used in HVAC square/rectangular ventilation duct lock forming machine system
    Select high quality TDF Flange, TDC Flange Forming Machine in China. We are leading suppliers of various TDC Flange Machines.

How long is the lead time?

TDF flange machine is integrated. With high speed, convenient operation and low air leakage ratio, it enjoys high population among customers. It saves material and labor cost, no welding is required.